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Michelle Strange, The Roaming Dental Hygienist, promoter of oral health and proper dental products

With 20+ years of experience in the dental industry and a Master's in Dental Hygiene Education, I use my expertise in oral health to reach those who may not have access to evidence-based information. As The Roaming Dental Hygienist, I travel nationwide living out a dream as a nomad all while treating dental patients.

Check out the videos below for some of my top tips and recommended dental products! Most products that I am using or discussing are linked, but if you are unable to find my Amazon store, click here 

@00:27  Why People Have Bad Techniques

@02:02  Why Choose Tapered Bristles

@02:32  Why Choose Extra Soft and Soft Bristles

@03:36  TePe Supreme and Nimbus Brushes

@03:46  Where to Aim

@04:42  Places People Miss Often

@06:00  Corner of the Dominant Side

@07:06  The Back

@08:56  Bottom Front Teeth

@10:46   Tip by the Tongue

@00:30 Switch back to manual toothbrushes if…

@01:01  Electric Toothbrushes

@01:31  How to Use IO Oral-B Brush (Part 1)

@01:56  Timer and Quadrants

@03:04 How to Use IO Oral-B Brush (Part 2)

@05:17  How to Use VarioSonic PRO-SYS Brush

@06:18  Brush Without Toothpaste

00:26  Interdental Brushes

01:17    How to Size Yourself

05:18   Bending the Wire

05:54  Summary of Steps

06:04  Patients with Braces

06:31   TePe Easypick

06:46  Disposing Interdental Brushes

07:50  Why Choose TePe Brand

08:07  Gum Bleeding

00:34 Night Guard and Shield

01:12   Toothbrush Shield

01:30  Burst Electric Toothbrush

01:51   Coffee and Oral Health

04:31  No Rinsing, Just Spit

05:07 Dental Candies

01:01   Switching Toothbrushes

02:00 Toothpaste & Fluoride Rinse

02:26 Step 1: Interdental Care & Toothbrush

04:18  Step 2: Tuft Brush

05:01  Step 3: Tongue Scraper

05:42 When to Rinse?

06:16  No Brushing Allowed When...

00:47  Armor Dental Mouthmate

01:06  How to Use

01:17    Why Use It

01:34   Demonstration

00:32  What is Tongue Test

01:24    Tongue is a Great Tool

01:35    Tongue Tie

02:16    Summary

00:47  Armor Dental Mouthmate

01:06  How to Use

01:17    Why Use It

01:34   Demonstration

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